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Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2013 to address the problems farmer face in irrigating their farms. Avanijal designs and develops IoT based Irrigation Automation Systems/Controllers to helps farmers to grow more with less – water, labour and electricity. Farmers will find it easy to configure the irrigation, fertigation and filter back wash through mobile phones and avoids odd hour farm visits. The controller supports basic time, volume and sensor based precision irrigation. It also supports wired and wireless valve/sensor connections. Supports irrigation resolutions 2 minutes.

Summary of Farmer’s Problems

  • Limited and depleting water source.
  • Limited hours and irregular hours of electricity availability during day/night times.
  • Non-availability / costly agriculture labour.
  • Inability to be present in the farm all the time for irrigation management.
  • Visiting farm and managing Irrigation at odd hours.
  • Over/under irrigation and loss of yield.
  • Inefficient use of available water, electricity and fertilizer.
  • Clogging of the water filter and inefficient water delivery.
  • Leaching of fertilizer due to over-irrigation and resultant ground water pollution
  • Difficulty in management of water from multiple water sources like bore-wells, open wells, ponds etc.
  • Over / under voltage conditions causing damage to the pumps
  • Dry run of condition causing damage to the pumps.
  • Complex systems can make the user’s life difficult
  • Not having visibility of irrigation status while being away from the farm

Avanijal – Installation of Irrigation Management System

  • Irrigation and fertigation activity on the farm needs constant human intervention to manage the resources diligently.
  • Getting good yield requires taking action based on the changing conditions on the ground.
  • Avanijal’s Irrigation automation can monitor and control irrigation based on a user’s input and conditions on the gound.
  • Wireless nodes gather soil moisture conditions from the sensors and also help control the valves wirelessly from the controller. (you can place this during the installation of valve and sensor nodes)
  • Repeaters are part of the mesh network that estalish communication between the controller and the nodes.
  • Wireless nodes and repeaters have a long battery life, are inexpensive and convenient to install.
  • Farmers can use Avanijal’s app and control the whole sytem remotely.
  • They can ensure that the field is irrigated and fertigated on time and constantly monitor the condition of the field.
  • Real-time information on the app keeps the farmer updated.

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Vijayeendra H S

Vijayeendra H S

[Co-Founder and Managing Director]
Vijayeendra is responsible for Hardware Engineering, Manufacturing, Business Development, New Technologies, and shares other general management responsibilities. Prior to this role, he worked as General Manager at Mindtree Limited responsible for Semiconductor and Hardware Engineering Service Business. Earlier he worked for Wipro and Tata Power. He has 25 years of experience in the industry and has contributed in various positions across engineering and management and has been responsible for the development of Electronics Systems and Integrated Circuits for various applications across, Consumer, Communication and Industrial Automation segments. Vijayeendra completed his B.E in Electronics and Communication, from Karnataka University

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Designs and develops Irrigation Systems/Controllers to helps farmers to grow more with less water, labour and electricity.

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