According to the needs and demands of our customers, we are involved in rendering Drip Irrigation Service all over the country. In this process the water drips slowly that helps in saving the water as well as fertile land where crops are grown.

Irrigation Automation Installation

Through our networks of dealers and service providers, we provide site survey and installation of Avanijal’s System.

Advisory Plans

IrrigPlan (Satellite/AI powered and Sensor less)

Avanijal’s crop management solution powered by ConserWaterTM integrated with Nikash controller provides the user, recommendations for Irrigation volume every day and is automatically carried out by Nikash without any user intervention.

IrrigPlan powered by ConserWaterTM adjusts the irrigation volume based on soil moisture, climatic conditions, last irrigation date and volume to provide the most optimal irrigation volume which saves water upwards of 20%

The service is available for a monthly/annual fee. Please contact us to know more about the plans.

Work With Us

To create positive perceptions about Smart agriculture, the entire industry needs to come together. Corporations, associations, farms and individuals – we’re looking for partners from many different backgrounds to grow awareness and support the cause.