Avanijal – About us

Avanijal Agri – Irrigation Automation Company

Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd. was born to address the farmer’s irrigation needs. Avanijal designs and develops Irrigation Systems/Controllers to helps farmers to grow more with less water, labour and electricity.  Easy to irrigate, fertigate and flush water filter through mobile phones and avoids odd hour farm visits.  The controller supports basic time, volume and sensor based precision irrigation. It also supports wired and wireless valve/sensor connections. Supports irrigation resolutions from few seconds to minutes.

Avanijal Agri Automation was born to find solutions to such problems. We build Irrigation Controller / Drip Controller Systems which help farmers to overcome these problems.

Summary of farmer’s problems

Limited and depleting water source.
Limited, irregular and few hours of electricity availability at any time in a day.
Non-availability / costly agriculture labour.
Being in the farm all the time for irrigation management.
Visiting farm and managing Irrigation at odd hours.
Preventing over/under irrigation and get better yield.
Efficient use of available water, electricity and fertilizer.
Flushing the water filter and keeping efficient water delivery.
Avoiding / minimizing over-irrigation and leaching of fertilizer, saving fertilizer and reduce ground water pollution
Fertigation during night / odd hours without being at the farm.
Efficient management of water from multiple water sources like bore-wells, open wells, ponds etc.
Monitoring and managing irrigation in over / under voltage conditions.
Avoiding dry run of open well and fertigation pumps.
Easy installation and maintenance by  trained electrician.
Operation by any mobile phone at any time from anywhere.
Solving all these problems at reasonable cost

Avanijal – Installation of Irrigation Management System

Irrigation and fertigation activity on the farm needs constant human intervention to manage the resources diligently.
Getting good yield requires taking action based on the changing conditions on the ground.
Avanijal’s Irrigation automation can monitor and control irrigation based on a user’s input and conditions on the gound.
Wireless nodes gather soil moisture conditions from the sensors and also help control the valves wirelessly from the controller. (you can place this during the installation of valve and sensor nodes)
Repeaters are part of the mesh network that estalish communication between the controller and the nodes.
Wireless nodes and repeaters have a long battery life, are inexpensive and convenient to install.
Farmers can use Avanijal’s app and control the whole sytem remotely.
They can ensure that the field is irrigated and fertigated on time and constantly monitor the condition of the field.
Real-time information on the app keeps the farmer updated.

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To create positive perceptions about Smart agriculture, the entire industry needs to come together. Corporations, associations, farms and individuals – we’re looking for partners from many different backgrounds to grow awareness and support the cause.